Finding Spiritual Guidance, Love & Compassion to Navigate Life's Challenges You are invited to a workshop and inspiring fundraiser for the Shalom Free Medical Clinic and the Torres Community Shelter. Support these worthy community organizations while nurturing yourself. Workshop Content * Using the inner power described by ancient greats for creative living * Finding transforming love and joy to enhance your life * Transforming fear, anger and frustration into well-being and peace * Building spiritual wisdom and living in peace, compassion and satisfaction * Developing confidence in your higher self and faith in the higher power Workshop Leader: Harry Keshet - A former Shalom Clinic Board member, learner, teacher, healer and psychologist, Harry's longstanding interests over 35 years of study span Hindu, Christian and Buddhist traditions. He teaches with knowledge, respect, joy and humor. DATE: Friday, May 11 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM Place: 1st Christian Church, 295 E. Washington Ave, Chico, - in the Fireside Room Suggested Donation $15 - $20 Advance purchase recommended - Please make your check payable to either the Shalom Free Clinic or the Torres Community Shelter. Send all checks to: TORRES COMMUNITY SHELTER, Attn: Joy Amaro, 101 Silver Dollar Way Chico, Ca. 95928 Donations accepted at the door.

Torres Community Shelter

101 Silver Dollar Way

Chico, Ca. 95928

(530) 891-9048