What if...one decision changed it all? A story of success

Richard had it all - a successful career, a loving wife of 18 years, and two daughters. Then his life changed forever. One day at lunch he decided to have a glass of wine to calm his nerves before a sales call. That one action began his downward spiral into alcoholism ending in the loss of his career, his marriage and his two girls.

They no longer called him “Dad”.


After living on the street and having attempted suicide, Richard knew something had to change. He sought help from the Torres Community Shelter. Unfortunately, he began drinking again and was asked to leave. It took three times before he was ready to trust and follow the guidance of his case worker, Melanie.

Richard realizes now that if he hadn’t made the decision to listen to Melanie, he would undoubtedly be back on the street or have committed suicide. Richard’s advice to those in need? “If you are ready for change, come to the Torres Shelter and if you need to, keep coming back. Trusting the Torres Shelter is the most important thing you can do. Trust them to help you. It works if you work it.”

Richard is celebrating two years sober and is living in his own apartment.

Valerie Reddemann